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CNC digitizing touch probe tool Z height setter
Probe replacement Parts
High quality CNC  probe and Z height tool setter.

High quality Aluminum Touch and Tool Probe  with 1/4" shank and 1/8"  hardened probe ball tip.
 This tool is both, an accurate 3 axis touch probe, or a tool height setting pad. It is easily converted from one use to the other  by simply swapping tips and adding or removing the screw-on arbor. Probe is designed with normally closed internal switch contacts. When probe comes in contact with any work surface the internal switch opens. Accuracy when probing locations is ~.001 and repeatability is ~.0005". This probe works with Mach3, Dynomotion, and other CNC control systems with probing routines.

  • Comes with attached shielded cable with 3.5mm jack on the end
  • Includes 3.5mm female adapter to wire to your controller
  • Includes extra contactor ( holds probe tip) in case of a crash you can replace the contactor.
  • LED indicates trigger
  • Adjustable concentric screws